"Sioum have a dual-mission website: in addition to being a recording and touring band, they offer services as composers for film and game music." — Monica Kendrick, ChicagoReader.com

photo by Cindi Jean (Persistent Vision Media)

Photo by Cindi Jean (Persistent Vision Media)

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"Yet Further could easily go along with a heavy metal version of Sonic The Hedgehog or as a boss theme on any of the Final Fantasy games." - Calum Gibson, dprp.net

Trib lookng up

Sioum’s Arthur Zdrinc Trials Through "Tribulation" In New Drum Playthrough - Kyle Gaddo, www.heavyblogisheavy.com


"Chicago instrumetalists Sioum call to mind the techy, proggy stylings of Don Caballero or Dysrhythmia, but with a cinematic and dramatic flair that’ll have fans of Russian Circles cheering." - Vince Neilstein, metalsucks.net

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"Yet Further is definitely one of the most thoughtful, well-constructed albums I've heard in a while." - Ben Sharp, Cloudkicker

"Yet Further, all I can say is that it is a sheer feat of brilliance and a testament to the value of resilience bolstering talent." - Mircea Laslo, arcticdrones.com

photo by Josh Dagenais

Photo by Josh Dagenais

"Hey, big post rock bands! This is how you mesmerize your listeners. A masterpiece... Album of the year contender. A strong one. Very special blend of post rock and ambient/experimental elements... Best albums of May - 9.5/10." - Inter, itdjents.com